"Ride High has given S a massive confidence boost; her self-esteem has gone through the roof and her coordination has improved. She didn't feel she could do anything but now she comes home and tells me that not only can she do this, but she's good at it! She was struggling at school, had very few if any friends and would hardly ever talk. Now she's made friends and is chatting all the time. As a mother it's lovely to see. S also has therapy to help her with her issues but I have to say that Ride High has helped her more than therapy ever has." - Mother


"No one has ever said she's good at anything before."- Mother


"She is much calmer altogether since going to Ride High."- Mother


"C was very within herself before starting Ride High but we have seen a big difference in her confidence. Ride High has completely transformed her outlook on life. It is amazing and has worked superbly for her."- Father


"The biggest difference in M is his confidence and him realizing that he can do things. I'm hoping this will push him to try other things he has worried about doing. I'm so grateful to you."- Mother


"Ride High is the only thing that gets him out of bed at a reasonable time in the holidays."- Father


"At Ride High he has not been judged on his past but has been encouraged to continue with positive improvements."- Foster carer


"He's more caring since going to Ride High."- Mother


"She has changed in behaviour. She isn't getting so angry with me so often."- Mother


"This is a positive experience for her. She looks forward to going every week and comes back on a high. She has made some good friends and the staff are very approachable and supportive."- Foster carer


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