Rachel Medill set up Ride High in 2008 with the vision that we could change children's lives for the better using horses.

From the very start there were key principles that she felt very strongly about, and today these principles underpin everything we do as an organisation:

  • We help children on the margins for whom there is often no other help available. The children are struggling with daily life and in many cases are desperately sad
  • Ride High is a place of consistency, safety, support, friendship and fun
  • We offer a range of activities beyond riding horses to help these children make changes to their skills, confidence and prospects
  • We offer a long term programme so that the benefits are sustained and can, in many cases, last a lifetime.

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What Our Children Say


Sharing success

 "I looked forward to my time with the horses every week. They made me feel calm and like I was in control. Riding made me feel like I was good at something and the adrenaline I felt when trotting or cantering stopped me self-harming. Ride High gave me the motivation to leave my house, which was something I barely did back then. The staff helped me to realise that I wasn’t going to be stuck that way forever and that I could overcome what I was struggling with. I am now entering my second year at University. Ride High helped me to recover and put me on the right path to where I am today."

Rebecca’s story


Aiming High

"I was 14 when I started at Ride High. My school referred me after I'd been emotionally bullied by people who I thought were my friends. It completely destroyed my self-confidence and I became very depressed and anxious.

Emma's story


You see things from a different perspective on a horse's back. I feel privileged to be a part of Ride High.

"I was sixteen when I was referred to Ride High by the Child and Adolescent Mental health department at Milton Keynes general hospital. I'd been under their care for two years for anorexia, depression, anxiety, and OCD. I had hardly been in school during my GCSEs due to exhaustion, stress and anxiety. The hospital referred me to Ride High so I could begin to exercise under controlled conditions that would not be damaging to my health, and to allow me to gain confidence outside the stress of school and effort of recovery.

Gabby's Story


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