Why have you suspended regular activities?

It is not possible to maintain safe social distancing in line with the government guidance and so in order to maintain public health safety and that of our staff, clients, volunteers and Ride High members it was the right decision to stop our activities.

What activities will you be conducting?

We will be operating at the centre with a skeleton staff to look after our horses and ponies, to care for the site and to manage communications and basic administration.

When will Ride High resume activities?

We will restart our programmes, lessons and courses as soon as the government deems it safe to do so.   We will update the website and our social media channels with the latest information as and when we have updates.

Will Ride High survive this crisis?

We are taking sensible measures to safeguard the future of the organisation, such as furloughing many of our staff and taking advantage of all the available government support. We are very committed to the work we do with charity children and our equestrian centre clients and are optimistic that we can weather this storm.

Will you keep all the horses?

Yes absolutely!!!  This is a temporary lock down and all the horses and ponies will get a well-earned holiday.  

Who will look after them?  

We will be operating with a small team of core staff who will be in the centre looking after the horses every day.

Can we still volunteer at Ride High?

Until further notice we will be operating at the centre with a very small team of core staff who will be looking after the horses (most of whom will be out in the field and therefore very happy!)  In order to restrict social contact, we are asking volunteers not to come in but if things change and it is deemed safe then we will contact our regular volunteers and post something on the website.

How will I get information about Ride High?

We will update this website and we will also be posting on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Can we come and see the horses?

In order to keep everyone safe we are asking no one to come onto the site for the time being.  We will review the situation regularly, but this won’t change until the government relaxes the current strictures on social distancing.

Will you be working with children with an EHCP or children of frontline workers?

We won’t be running a normal programme at Ride High. However we are looking at how we can keep in remote contact with the Ride High children.

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